[Korean Style No.61 by cafe24] GOGOSING: An online store for women’s fashion

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An online store for women’s fashion, GOGOSING (www.ggsing.com) – CEO Hwang Eun-Sook

GOGOSING is an online store that has become successful in the global market after launching K-style(Korean style) clothing in 2007. Here is an interview with Hwang Eun-Sook of GOGOSING to hear about her secrets to success both in Korea and the global market.

Q1. What is GOGOSING’s competitive edge?

The ability of manufacturing internally in order to provide top-quality of products at reasonable prices to customers from many countries is GOGOSING’s competitive edge. Self-productions have been increased up to 80 % by having a weekly meeting to select designs. As our major customers are women who are in their 10s to 20s, we make sure to follow trendy styles while providing products that can be worn often and go well with other clothing. Especially basic styles of self-produced sweaters have been popular. Among 0.8 millions of total members, about 70% of customers have become repeat customers.

gogosing1Q2. Why did you decide to open websites in other languages?

Languages, different culture, shipping fees and many other things should be considered when going global. However, since the markets of other countries are broader than in Korea, I decided to enter the global market by launching websites in other languages through cafe24, the global platform in Korea. For the long term, I will have to target more consumers.

gogosing2Q3. What are characteristics of each country that you are targeting?

A way of effective marketing method and popular products are different by country. In Japan, blog marketing is effective, as using internet is widely used. On the other hand, cheaper priced products have been received fervent responses from customers in China as expected.

gogosing3Q4. Would you please tell us about your plans or goals?

This time, we will plan to launch the website in English through cafe24, the global e-commerce platform to target English-speaking countries as well as Asia. We will also plan to sell products through globally well-known marketplaces. The final goal is to compete with SPA brands in terms of quality and price in Korea and other countries.

Interview date 2015.02.13

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