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Brand Name : YUUL YIE
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  A handmade shoes brand, YUUL YIE (www.yuulyieshop.com) CEO Lee Sun-Yul

What comes to your mind when you heard the word ‘handmade’? A lot of people might think of devotion and high quality. “Not all of handmade shoes are not mature than manufactured products.” explained by a CEO of an online store for handmade shoes. Here is an interview with CEO Lee Sun-Yul of YUUL YIE to hear about how she has provided higher value of handmade shoes.

Q1. How did you open your online store?

During my childhood, I made dolls’ clothes and sold them to my friends. Of course, I majored in fashion design at college and worked as a fashion designer for a few years. One day, I had a chance to experience shoe designing suggested by one of my friends. After, I decided to open my own brand for handmade shoes.

yuul-yie2Q2. What is YUUL YIE’s competitive edge?

There are many shoes brands emphasizing handmade but the qualities are actually below expectations due to an incomplete inspection process. We always make sure to do all the process from in-house design to inspection completely. In order to complete all of them, we have brought special devices. This is one of the reasons why we can compete with other big brands by having stores at departments.

yuul-yie4Q3. It seems that you have many different unique styles of shoes?

We carry many eyelet(a small round hole in leather for threading a lace) styles of shoes which have become the brand’s uniqueness. The designs are very bold and fancy. We also make simple look of products as well. All of them are completed by checking every detail. I thought there would be less demands for fancy styles of products but in fact there are actually more than I thought. Eyelet and fancy styles of products have become the best-selling items in Korea. In the last year, the designs of five products have been patented in South Korea.

yuul-yie3Q4. Could you tell us about your global business?

Since its first establishment, YULL YIE has been a brand targeting the global market. By analyzing the customers visiting the English site, we have gained customers from English-speaking countries as well as China, Hong Kong, Japan and others. We also have overseas (outside of Korea) customers visiting our brick-mortal store located in Sungsudong in Seoul, Korea. I think that high qualities of handmade shoes are always favored by customers regardless the country.

Q5. Would you please tell us about your plans or goals?

We will soon launch bags for the next season. We have already done products shooting. For the long term goal, we will plan to grow into a fashion brand in the global market. Buyers from other countries have told us that YULL YEI’s competitiveness will also work in the global market. We hope to bring you know good news soon.

Interview date 2016.09.22


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